RV Plus Card
Frequently Asked Questions
What discounts do I get with the RV Plus Charge Card?
When you use your RV Plus Card as a form of payment, you will receive discounts on gas, diesel, propane and waste dumps. Please visit our program details page for more information.
What if I am not a Good Sam Club Member?
You must be a Good Sam Club Member to apply. Please visit www.goodsamclub.com to sign up for a membership today.
Do I need to renew my Good Sam Club membership each year?
Yes. Good Sam memberships may be renewed at any time directly through the Good Sam Club. You will NOT be automatically renewed each year unless you sign up for that service directly with the Good Sam Club. For more information visit www.goodsamclub.com
Can I use my personal credit card and still get the discount?
No. You must use your RV Plus Charge Card as the method of payment in order to receive the additional fuel discounts.
Can I pay my bill with my personal credit card?
No. Payments must be made online by entering a bank account number and routing number. Customers can also choose to have payments auto-drafted from a checking account.
Can I use my RV Plus Charge Card for purchases inside the store?
Yes. You can buy anything inside the store with a few exceptions. Items that cannot be purchased with the RV Plus Charge Card are lottery tickets, money orders, and cash advances. Please note that our “dealer” locations DO NOT accept the RV Plus Charge Card in store. A list of these locations can be found at www.pilotflyingj.com/locations or you can pick up an RV Travel Guide at any Pilot or Flying J location.
Do I have to come inside and prepay at the truck diesel lanes?
No. Since the RV Plus Charge Card is also a method of payment, you can pay at the pump without having to come inside.  This is true for not only the truck diesel lanes, but the auto and RV lanes as well.
I live in Canada, can I apply?
Yes. Not only can you apply but the card is also accepted at our Canadian locations.  When you fill out the application you can choose which language and currency you would like to be billed in.
Will my RV Plus Charge Card get cut off at a certain amount like my credit card does at the pump?
No.  Since this is not a credit card, you don’t have a preset spending limit at the pump; which means you won’t have to swipe your card multiple times at the pump.  You can fuel as much as you want in a single transaction, no limits, no restrictions.
Can I prepay with my RV Plus Charge Card?
You can, but there is really no reason to prepay.   Since this card is accepted at RV lanes, Truck lanes, and Auto lanes, you can use it outside and fuel as much as you need.
How do I pay for my purchases through the RV Plus Charge Card?
There are two options for bill payment, online payment or auto–draft. Payments must be made from an active checking account.
Why do I have to provide my email address?
In order to help cut down on paper waste, all statements will be sent electronically through email. This is the best way to make sure we get you your statement in the timeliest manner.
I travel all of the time, how will I receive my statements?
All statements will be sent to the email address that you provided on your application. This is why an email address is required in order to sign up for the card.
What is my credit limit when I sign up for the RV Plus Charge Card?
If you choose to pay your bill online or by check, you will be issued a $1,000 line of credit every 30 days. If you choose to pay your bill through auto-draft and provide your bank information when you apply, you will be issued a $2,500 limit every 30 days. You can change your method of payment at any time, but that change may affect your credit limit.
I need a higher credit limit. What do I need to do?
If you are currently paying your bill online, the best way to increase your credit limit is by signing up for automatic drafts. If you are already signed up for auto-drafts and would like a higher limit, please call the RV Plus Charge Card customer service line at 1-855-478-7587.
Can I use my RV Plus Charge Card at other fueling stops or at Camping World Locations?
No. The RV Plus Card can only be used at Pilot Travel Center and Flying J locations.
What are the billing terms?
All payments must be paid IN FULL by the due date. There are no carried balances and any late payment will result in an automatic disabling of the card. You will receive a bill every 30 days and payment is due 15 days later. You can also pay your bill online at any time, even before you receive your statement.
Can I have multiple RV Plus Charge Cards?
Yes. You can have up to 2 active cards per account.
Do I get any other benefits other than just fuel discounts?
Yes. In additional to the gas and diesel discounts, you will also receive discounts on propane and dumping fees.
Can I use my RV Plus Charge Card at all Pilot and Flying J locations in the United States and Canada?
Yes, with some exceptions. Pilot Flying J owns over 550 locations in the U.S. and Canada and also has about 80 “Dealer” locations. All Pilot Flying J owned locations accept the RV Plus Charge Card both inside and outside for all types of fuel. All of these “Dealer” locations accept the RV Plus Charge Card at the Truck Diesel lanes, however, most of these “Dealer” locations DO NOT accept the RV Plus Card for gas or in store purchases. For a simple explanation, Pilot Flying J sells the diesel fuel at these “Dealer” locations but does not own the location, store merchandise, or the gas. For a complete list of the different location types visit www.pilotflyingj.com/locations and click on “Downloadable Locations” or pick up an RV Travel Guide at any Pilot, Flying J, or Camping World SuperCenter.
What if I have a question that is not answered here?
Call us toll free: 855-478-7587